Some people may ask when they see this site, “Who is “Mama Pea???”  I think a better question, is…..”WHAT DOES SHE LOOK LIKE?” 


I think this sums me, up…

MAMA CHICKPEA:  noun.  a variant of MAMA, MAMI, MOMMY, MOM, MA, MOMMA, and “teacher,” formed from superhero powers, and fueled on caffeine.

  1. MOTHER:  needs no explanation…
  2. CHEF Maker of home-cooked meals, lunches, and cookies.
  3. NURSEHead boo-boo fixer and kiss giver.
  4. FRIENDGives endless family hugs and listens to all the “babble.”
  5. MODERN SLANGA creative, crafty female, combining the right amount of goofy, with cute. A “super” woman, whose a tad squishy around the belly, but can change diapers “faster than a speeding bullet.” And a trend-setter, who sports frazzled, yet edgy hair (from one to many “no-s!” or a boost in her self-improvement budget!), and her nose ring like the quirky, artsy mama she is!

PLEASE FOLLOW ME as I embark on a quest to enjoy, learn from, and raise my little bamBEANos, in the best way this Mama Chickpea can, and help me keep sane through all the DIY therapy I can handle!

artwork copyright Mama Chickpea, aka Kitchen Mouse Graphics

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