If you are a mom who hates carrying everything your kids NEED to the park, make them simple tote baskets! Washable, personalizable, simple, fun, and soooooo helpful, these totes are a great alternative to the expensive plastic baskets available at your local store, and take under an hour to make.

Basket 1

EXTRA BONUS: they only cost a couple dollars! I had some scrap supplies in my stash, and I made these for about $1 a piece.


11″ x 8.5″ x 3″ cotton canvas tote bag

6″ of coordinating Velcro, cut into 2″ pairs

Coordinating thread

Sewing machine or needle for hand sewing





1.) Pin one side of a Velcro pair to the front of the inside of the bag, and matching it up, pin the other half to the inside of the back of the bag. (I just roughly centered mine between the handles.) Sew the Velcro on, making sure to reverse once in awhile for durability, all around all four sides of the 2″ Velcro piece. Do this on both pinned pieces–the front of the tote Velcro, and the back of the tote Velcro. This allows the child to Velcro the pouch shut, if needed.


2.) Cut off the front of the bag / basket tote handle. This handle is not needed for the basket. I trimmed mine as close as I could safely get without snipping the tote, and removed the extra bit that frayed off after cutting. If you are a perfectionist, you could get out your seam ripper and completely remove the handle, but this is not necessary.

3.) Flip the bag over and work from the backside. The next step is to find the middle of the remaining handle (the handle still attached to the tote), and cut it at the middle, to make two equal side straps. Fold over the ends of these two straps, and zig zag stitch them shut to help stop fraying.


4.) After zig-zagging the two straps, take one side of both remaining 2″ pairs of Velcro, and pin to strap. Sew these on with a regular stitch, remembering to reverse periodically for durability. Do this around all four sides of both Velcro pieces. (I chose the smooth sides to pin on the back of the bag, and the rough sides to pin on the straps, but I don’t think it matters which is which.)


5.) This is not a tricky step, but this is the trickiest part of this project. Place the tote on the bike / atv it will be used on. Determine where to pin the opposite side of the two remaining pieces of Velcro. The best spot for my remaining Velcro, was about two inches from the top of the back of the tote. Sew on these two strips, as you have the rest of the Velcro.

6.) Trim all lose strings and decorate the basket as you wish! We haven’t decorated ours yet, but when we do, I will post a photo. The kids were so excited to have a spot for their NEEDED park items for the next walk we go on.


Enjoy those free hands, Super Mamas!

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