Mya Bella, Picasso of Wee

It was a picturesque night at the Arroyo Household. The kids were all snuggle-y and content in their pjs, smelling like the most delicious organic tea tree kid shampoo. The telly was playing “Monsters, Inc.” for at least the millionth time (since Sunday), and the second time since nap-time. The AC set just cool enough for blankies on the couch, and perfect for snuggles. Despite the near “A Clockwork Orange” repetitive playing of Disney TV, Mama was enjoying this loving moment with her kiddos, all snuggled up, warm, and dry. The “I love you, Mom” whispers only made the whole scene that much more memorable.

These are the moments a mom lives for…

So, a big thank you to Miss Mya for deciding to give your Mama such an awesome hug, while peeing all over her lap. It was super fun and warm. The added bonus of more laundry and washcloth/sink bath for yourself, your Mom, and the couch, truly was the perfect encore.

You truly are the Picasso of Wee, Mya Bella.

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