Friday’s Case of the “Smurfettes”

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “Oh, it’s just a case of the Mondays?Well, in our house, it’s often “just a case of the __!” (Insert any day of the week, here.)

It happened to me, today. The utter chaos that ensues the minute we wake and realize it’s Friday. We barely make it to school on time; No one wants to get up. Everyone runs on fumes over the excitement of no 6:30am wake-up call for the next two days. But, that’s just the beginning. Many more things always arise, and I just have to laugh as a mom. Today, was no different. Not even for the end of week one of back-to-school.

I barely got everything I needed done before pick-up. And, my driving map resembled something of a knotted ball of yarn. It seemed everywhere I turned, more and more chaos ensued. And, rightfully so, it would make me panic that I was going to be the last mom at pick-up: with two upset little people, and two worn out teachers, wishing for a break to start their weekend. Yep, its first week luck, and it wasn’t lacking for laughs, or cries.

I raced up through the crowd like a fish fighting upstream. Everyone excited it’s Friday and I am the person in their way. Like Pac-Man (my son’s current wiifavorite), I juggled my paths, trying to avoid the manic children as if they were ghosts. All I wanted was my children and to get groceries and get home, as quickly as possible! Two hundred points here or there, would definitely make it all better.

Well, I got my laughs in the form of my 6 year old daughter, Mya. She decided to finish week one of First Grade, by becoming a Smurf. (It is, after all, her favorite movie as of late.) We’ve only seen it about 40 times this summer, and I often feel like the hated Gargamel, so what’s the harm? I gave birth to this crazy child, and she indeed was my Smurfette, Gene Simmons style.

Mya has a unique attitude in life. She beats to her own drum and her enthusiasm never runs flat. Her creativity is never weak. I’m pretty sure I can thank myself for composing that monster. (Yes, insert sarcasm!)

I only hoped the grocery store wasn’t cleaning all the rest rooms, because I didn’t think there were enough wet wipes in the car to remove all the blue. She even had it in her ear.

I felt like concocting a special spell for the mother who thought blue icing was the best choice. She must have been laughing manically as she dropped them off, knowing other moms needed more icing on their cakes of insanity.

Never a dull moment as a mom!!! And, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Is it wine-o’clock yet? I could use a nice sweet wine to go with my icing-covered dessert of a child.

Yes, we made it home in one, somewhat stained blue piece. And, yes, I did buy a bottle of sweet wine.

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