Mya Scissorhands

Today, was one of the most creative 4ths I’ve ever had! Kiddos and I spent the day with some friends, while Papi worked. It was calm and nice to hang with adults, while the kiddos played in the pool. We didn’t see a large colorful display, but we drove home through our neighborhood, with fireworks exploding overhead.

However, the greatest of these memories will be credited to my daughter, Mya. At newly 7 years old, she loves to be my “mini me.” She’s trying to help me cook, clean, and asks every day when she and I can have a studio to create our art together. When we arrived home from the party, she took another long shower; but, instead of me yelling to see if she was okay, she started calling for me. I rushed in to find her starting to panic, and crying. She had decided to try to “fix” her hair…like mine…and grabbed the scissors to achieve it…

Mya Scissorhands

It’s funny how in years past, a party with friends might have meant exhaustion, maybe a couple too many drinks, too much food, or an overwhelming desire to sleep in. My July 5th won’t be complete without a search for headbands and barrettes, sweet enough to calm Miss Mya’s tears. She’s so disappointed she couldn’t teach herself to cut her hair to look “pretty” like mommy’s.

I still have no idea how best to fix this one. If I took her to a salon, something tells me she’d end up with a chin length bob and layers. Her hair is soooo curly! She loves her hair in her Princess Leia buns with big bows.

Mya Scissorhands (Before)

How do I calm her tears, and not shed a few of my own? She just cried and cried that she was “ugly now” and looks “like a boy.” She went to sleep calmer, telling me that I’m the “best mom” for helping her fix her hair and that she’s sorry she cut it without me. I think we’ll need a lot of barrettes to keep up with the Mya bun charade.

UPDATE / September 27, 2018: Mama’s amazing hairstylist gave Mya Scissorhands a makeover. While he couldn’t even it all, he made her feel amazing again! (It took another 8 months of trims and many, many inches were lost.)

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