When you ask your newly graduated first grader, what they did on the first morning of summer camp, and you get a VERY DIFFERENT ANSWER from last summer…
Mom: Max, what did you do today at summer camp? Did you have any fun, or meet any friends? 

Max: I wrote a short story, Mom. 

Mom: Oh, that’s cool, Max! What did you write a short story about? 

Max: Really, Mom?! Look, I got a lot of stuff in my brain. I can’t fit that in there. I don’t know! It’s just too full. 

(Insert “Weak Mom Moment.” I couldn’t help but bust out laughing (although I know it’s not the appropriate reaction), and I had to collect what’s left of my sanity, and respond…)

Mom: Max, I shouldn’t be laughing. You’re lucky your Dad isn’t here. You know, if he heard that, he would say you have an attitude problem again, and he’d be upset… 

Max: (interrupts) Sorry, Mom. Don’t tell Dad… I remember now. It was about dragons. Dragons in a castle. Yes, I had fun. No, I didn’t know any of the kids from last year.

Wow, that was easy. Sort of. When did my newly seven-year-old turn thirteen?? O. M. G. ! 


P. S. This main blog post picture is Max at bedtime last night, rounding up his toys, as I have my kiddos do every night. I had to add it to this post, because in this photo, if you squint, you can see three-year-old Max in the very same pose, with almost the exact same “train” of cars. He hardly looks like teenage-attitude Max! 
It’s just craziness being a mom, sometimes!! 

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