We crafty moms have an affinity for supplies. Anything and everything can sometimes be found in our stash, and the collection, which is nothing shy of a hoarders episode on reality tv, really can consume where you do your art. Storage can become an issue, and while I am constantly on top of my latest organizational plan, I see many faults from time-to-time in my process. Pieces seem to grow legs and walk off, sometimes almost as if they were as magical as the vision which made me store them that way, in the first place.

As illogical as it is to find a random pot of gold on grocery day, it is as comical to assume I keep tabs on all my “necessary” supplies. When you are as artsy-fartsy, hoard-a-rific as myself, BUT also a full time Mama Pea, the sea of endless supply is just too much fun to others. Occasionally things get broken, used up, go missing, or I cave and let someone have it for use in their own artistic endeavor. That “someone” is often my mini artists. Sometimes, their creativity peaks, and I, like any hands-on mom, am just in awe of their wild imagination. It is near impossible to just say, “No.” 

Which brings me to why I’m here. This was just too funny. Not all missing supplies end up as tragedies (lol)…
I found this silly little cutter about two weeks ago. A wonderful mama friend in Cali surprised me with mail last fall, but in the heat of ornament season, I had “organized” it too well, and had forgotten about it. When I found it, I placed it on my work table, envisioning it as miniature button cuteness, only to shove it to the side with other ideas waiting for their chance to shine.
I knew Mya had played with the table as she often does, because when I came back into the room that day, she had arranged many of my work items into a scene. Everything in “Mya’s World” is a family, at school, eating, and going down a water-slide with their out-of-town grandma from Ohio. (Often exactly as I just told that. Lol.) When I saw the re-discovered pile of goodies laid out as if fairy tale artwork, I knew something was missing. Problem was, that cute little cutter, Mr. Snail, went on holiday again. He clearly likes to wander about, and this time had been missing for over a week. She swore on her Barbies (the sacred oath of a five-year-old girl), that she never saw him.
(Fast forward to this afternoon.) 

According to Miss Mya, seeing her new “pet” (again) reminded her why HE wandered away. Mr. Snail “needed to go on the flower because he was hungry.” Duh, mom. I mean, who WOULDN’T forget that? Everyone eats…
Her look says it all. She is my imaginative, little, animal-loving Picasso. Who would ever think to search a decorative vase for a snail cutter? Definitely a new hiding spot headed for this mama’s master list.
One of the best realities about all of my mom moments, is the reoccurring laughter that comes from telling the story to others. I absolutely love having these stories pop-up in my posts from yesterday. They are just impossible to compose, and would be utterly tragic to forget. Their creativity, and often key moments of bonding with my kiddos, ultimately brings me such great joy. I just wish sometimes that joy arrived more in the moment!

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