Tonight, we had an electrifying experience being parents to an ever-curious, scientifically-fascinated 8 year old.

While watching TV in his sister’s room and reading his latest Wimpy Kid installment, Max got the “bright idea” to remove the LED light bulb from his reading lamp, and repeatedly toss a dime. He said he was just trying to calculate how often he got heads, rather than tails, and not actually “score” by landing the coin in the electrical opening.

Fast forward a couple minutes, to hysterical children racing into the great room. Here, he had achieved the “winning score,” and by doing so, flipped a couple breakers. Every light in the vicinity of Mya’s Room went dark, including her TV. The dime literally melted & burnt in a couple spots!

Mom’s initial question was to ponder the removal of the light bulb for such an experiment, especially in a room mostly lit by TV light. The budding scientist refused to disclose his methods.

Talk about lesson learned. He is just sooooo fascinated by electricity and power sources! Sooooo many tears! He scared the sh*t out of himself…Mya,…and, us…!

Disclaimer No Smart TVs were hurt in the duration of this experiment. #happydad

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