Just a little sprout, looking to blossom in the sunshine…

Hello to all my bean sprouts, chickpeas, and fellow SuperMoms!

Trying this out…hopefully this Mama Pea can! It is my hope to have this up and running soon, so we can get to know each other and live through the perils of parenthood, together! Gimme a bit and I’ll start this great journey, with all of you!


Mama Chickpea

MAX & MYA, Volume 1:

“Give your sister a kiss!,” Mama Chickpea exclaimed, as her son behaved poorly in his “tornado-like,” “terrible-twos” persona, aimed directly at his little, innocent sister.

Almost instantly the double-digit “storm,” leaned in so his younger sister could KISS HIS CHEEK.

Mama Pea couldn’t help but smile, anyways.  It’s the little things they teach you to see differently, that make them so special…I haven’t ruined them, yet!

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