Meet the Owners of Cr8tive Clay!

2018 California Trip

Meet Shelly, her husband, Rick, and kiddos, Max & Mya; the owners of Cr8tive Clay! Inspired by one of their favorite family vacation activities, Cr8tive Clay was born from their longing to bring the artsy fun of their family vacation “fun time” home! When asked where the idea came from, owner, Shelly responded, “There is such a shortage of fun, family activity in El Paso, and we as a family have struggled to find the right cr8tive fit for our limited family play time. Cr8tive Clay we hope helps fill this gap!” What resulted from their ideas, is a colorful studio, filled with whimsy and design. A place where young and old can find nearly infinite ways to paint their imagination.


Our Story Begins With A Chickpea

SuperMom Shelly, with kiddos, Max & Mya

Meet Shelly, crafty SuperMom, and aka Mama Chickpea. When she’s not designing, she loves doing crafts with her kiddos, shopping Pinterest for new things she’ll never have time to try, playing cars, building blocks, cuddling, or all three!, and finally taking her shower for the day…in quiet, when she’s lucky!  As a 24/7 mom of two young children, but a mom who misses her business-woman days of yester-year, Mama Pea  knows you need a creative diversion to your day, other than mountains of endless laundry, countless sibling arguments, or making uneaten meals.  Join me on my cr8tive journey, where the bamBEANos are content, and a glass of vino powers every crafting SuperMom project that much better!

For the FAQ about the journey of how Shelly became a chickpea, click here. For the blog post on the creation of the “Mama Chickpea” character, click here.

With a self-taught love for web design, Mama Chickpea started her crafty, “super” mom blog. Through her Etsy shop, Cr8tive Studio, and her quirky web content, Mama Pea, hopes to show the world how insanely cr8tive and fun it can be learning to think outside the boundaries of brilliant paints and that “glaze’ isn’t just for donuts!

We can’t wait to take you on a cr8tive journey. There is something for just about everyone in the family. Unleash your cr8tive potential and fight motherhood insanity with Mama Pea. Grab your brushes. Pick your canvas. Color your imagination! With the kids, or alone for a timeout, come unwind with us!

Meet Our Cr8tive Minds

Infinite Paint & Cr8te!


Mama Chickpea






Miss Artsy